Meet Your Photographer

I was one of those kids that showed an early interest in art. I was always doodling, illustrating stories I wrote, little cartoons, random imaginary characters, and the real-life details I saw around me. I took my first watercolor painting lessons at the age of 8 and learned how light shaped and defined everything we see. In school I saved notebooks full of National Geographic, Magnum, and Time photographs like they were national treasures. In college I majored in Fine Art and Spanish, influenced heavily by my favorite painters but feeling a strong pull toward a medium that could tell my subjects' stories more completely and quickly. I shot my first wedding in 2006 but only entered wedding photography fully after a boot-camp style experience in entrepreneurship. For 3 years I handled the recruiting, hiring, firing, training, finances and day-to-day aspects of my own sales office. I was responsible for absolutely everything that happened and got a crash course on insight into the motivation, energy, and psychology of both my clients and my staff. I've now owned my own business for 15 years and specifically my photography business for 6. I've traveled to 21 countries and I'm working on learning my 3rd language. I bring that up because I think being a permanent student of life influences the way I tell every story with my camera. Weddings are a mix of so many important elements: beauty, love, commitment, family, and celebration. The reason specific moments and images can become so iconic to us is different for every individual and has to be told with both sensitivity and strength. I am absolutely in love with being able to bring the elements of my experience together so that the first chapter of your story together can be as beautiful, effortless, and exhilarating as possible. Abundance~Joy~Beauty~Adventure -Lindsay

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